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Expert Witness Secrets

Dr Sandeep Senghera BDS, University certified expert witness

With over a decade of medico legal experience, Dr Senghera brings valuable content, insights, and knowledge on how to start and scale up expert witness work through his podcast, Expert Witness Secrets. As one of the UK’s most experienced, University Certified, expert witnesses, Dr Senghera has supplied over 800 expert witness reports over the last decade. He currently produces over 200 expert reports per annum. He recently published a 5-star rated book on Amazon, Expert Witness Secrets, which provides a practical guide for expert witnesses to significantly grow their practice. Dr Senghera founded and operated a growing panel of 50+ experts in multiple surgical and specialist dental fields. Additionally, he provides 1-2-1 mentoring and guidance for experts to gain confidence, learn the core business skill, and create an operating system that enables them to become confident in their medical expert witness work.
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